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Brush Scene® – your online guide to the brush making industry

Brush Scene® is now available online! Further to the international bilingual journal for the brush industry published by Freiburg-based publishers Hurter Print & Media Verlag since June 1st 2007, interested visitors and readers now have at their disposal two reference sources providing useful information on brush markets and suppliers of brush products world wide. Brush Scene® is a guide to the brush, paintbrush, paint roller, artist brush, mop, toothbrush, synthetic and household brush, animal care, hygiene and cleaning aid industries; but also to the beauty and cosmetic brush industry, the DIY and home improvement, tool, technical brush and industrial brush industries; trade in raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, mould design and construction and the complete range of both new and used machines used by these branches of industry.

But Brush Scene® is more than just that – it serves as a contact and advertising forum from which to target wholesale buyers, who continuously seek to expand their product base to meet the diverse range of customer requirements.

Brush Scene® enjoys a wide readership on many continents and is recognised as a competent press organ by brush manufacturers associations in Germany, Europe and the USA. Brush Scene® continues to bring its readers the best information. We regularly profile companies operating nationally and worldwide, provide full coverage of import/export markets, report on latest import/export statistics, innovative product ideas and technologies, and on industry affairs and events. We deliver insight into the performance and productive efficiency of the brush trade, the trends and tremendous opportunities offered by global markets. We provide information on the interesting, albeit sometimes curious, history of the brush trade and discuss many other questions of interest.

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Brush Scene® is circulated to a readership in 80 countries world-wide, is published every second month 6 times a year in German and English.

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